Ted Harris,Sharp Eye for Detail...- Philadelphia Inquirer, January 26, 2003
By Gloria A. Hoffner

Dare to Dream - Artspicks - City Paper, November 21, 2002
By Kristina Weise

John Stachowicz - Artspicks – City paper, March 28, 2002
By Debra Auspitz

Outside the Lines - Sketches – Philadelphia Weekly, January 31, 2002
By Roberta Fallon

Not So Naïve - Weekend – Philadelphia Inquirer, January 25, 2002
By Ed Sozanski

Positive Vibes - Artspicks - City Paper, January 10 – 17, 2002
By Karen Williams

Art & Community - Weekend Plan-It – Philadelphia Daily News, January 11, 2002

Postcards, Not Letters: An Interview with Walter Oates
Open City Magazine, November 2001
By Deborah Scoblionkov

The Artists Ouside: Coalition Ingenu - Open City Magazine, November 2001
By Gil Ott

Young Guns: Self-taught Realism -Sketches – Philadelphia Weekly, August, 2001
By Roberta Fallon

Self-taught Artists’ Exhibit at Allen Lane
- Mt Airy Times, March 7, 2001

Powelton Artist Emil Baumann Exhibits Work at Project H.O.M.E. Gallery
Powelton Post, February 2001

Coalition Ingenu Uses Art to Help Combat Homelessness and Mental Illness

(Art Museum Area) Home News, September 28, 2000
By Aylin Green

Drawing a Bead on a Better Life
- Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2000
By Monica Rohr

Art’s Healing Power Helps One Man Overcome Adversity
(Art Museum Area) Home News, August 31, 2000
By Aylin Green

Alien Nation – Sketches: Philadelphia Weekly, August 30, 2000
By Roberta Fallon

Batsaihan Purveegiin – Sixpick: City Paper, August 24, 2000
By William Bender

Philadelphia Outsider Artists’ Work in Two Shows - Art Matters, January, 1999
By Judith Barbour Osbourne

Art for the Artist’s Sake
- Philadelphia Inquirer, December 21, 1998
By Deborah Scoblionkov

Home Is Where the Art Is - Philadelphia Weekly, December 9, 1998
By Eils Lotozo

Showing Art’s Healing Power - Philadelphia Inquirer, May 1998
By Eric Shimoli

‘Outsider’ Artists Well Worth a Close-up Look, Philadelphia Inquirer, March 1998
By Ed Sozanski

Ingenu’s Visionaries - City Paper, February 1997
By Carolyn Reinhardt

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