The Self Taught Artists of Coalition Ingénu

Although the histories and circumstances of these artists are incidental, we include short biographies because they suggest something about the passion and purity of the artwork. All of these artists started making art before they had any access to exhibit opportunities, monetary reward, or recognition of any kind. They did it for themselves, without any expectations of fame or fortune, and without the formal influences of art history and training. Most of them had no money for art supplies, no studio or storage space, and no transportation.

Some were even reluctant, at first, to allow us to exhibit their work, probably because they didn't think anyone would understand or appreciate it. Others didn't care what anyone else might think.

One important focus of Coalition Ingénu is to uncover these genuine examples of self-expression and offer them as insights into the true nature of an artists' impulse to create. Sometimes raw, sometimes subtle, sometimes intellectual or sublime, this art is more about the creative process than it is about the end result. As a result, we think the honesty and purity is refreshingly evident, and the personality of each artist comes through loud and clear.