Born in Southwest Philadelphia in 1939, Joe left school early and worked at a series of menial jobs. In the sixties, embracing the spirit of the Beat Generation, he set out for Berkeley and Haight Ashbury, lived in Northern California during the "hippie" era and returned to Philadelphia in the late 70's.

At first, homelessness was a choice for Joe. He valued his complete freedom and consciously traded the comforts of a home for the adventure of a nomadic (albeit often dangerous) lifestyle. Eventually, the effects of street violence, poor nutrition and inadequate shelter took their toll and, in 1989, Joe agreed to accept medical attention through the outreach program at Project H.O.M.E.

Joe now resides at one of the several supported housing facilities of Project H.O.M.E., a Philadelphia based organization providing opportunities for people like Joe to break the cycle of homelessness.

Joe's artwork is consistent in style, always colorful and expressive and evident of an expansive and passionate inner world. The titles of his works often supplement the visual impact of his bold and thickly painted abstracts with a resonant poetic image.
Joe has been exhibiting with Coalition Ingenu consistently since 1996.



1. The Great Oz of Ozotopolis

Florescent & tempera, glitter, stickers and other media 22 x 28 (24 x 30)

$450.00 (framed)


2. Pie Run Hocus Pocus

Florescent & tempera, glitter, stickers and other media 22 x 28 (24 x 30)
$550.00 (framed)


3. Zillenium

Florescent paint & other mixed media

22 x 28 (24 x 30)

$450.00 (framed)


4. The Ice Cream Factory

Florescent paint & other media
20 x 26 (24 x 30)
$400.00 (framed)


5. The Mummy's Tomb

Florescent & tempera paint, glitter
22 x 28 (24 x 30)
$650.00 (framed)

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