Ron Lellis was born in Philadelphia in 1956. As the result of a stroke about eleven years ago, Ron suffered impairment of speech and short term memory loss. He became interested in the evolution of languages from simple sounds and ultimately developed the belief that his short term memory had been replaced by a rare connection to a “racial and genetic memory”, enabling him to "intuit" deep insights into the evolution of the universe and variegation of human races.

Based on these insights, he hand-wrote a large book, which includes a 136 page poem entitled, "Apollo".

Rons' artwork always begins with compositional elements borrowed from famous paintings, progressing into abstract or fauvist interpretations as he layers on a wide variety of mixed media, dramatic color, and mysterious symbols.

Ron was added to the Coalition Ingenu collective in 1997, and has been a consistent exhibitor ever since. A former resident of Project H.O.M.E.’ s In Community facility, Ron has since moved to a rural setting in Tioga County, PA. C.I. receives new artwork and communicates with him by mail, as he has no telephone.



1. Central Park (In Green)

Oil pastels & mixed media on paper

20 x 24 (24 x 30)

$400.00 (framed)


2. Girl with Watering Can

Acrylic & mixed media on paper

18 x 24 (22 x 29)

$350.00 (framed)


3. Central Park 1905

Acrylics & mixed media on paper

14 x 18 (16 x 20)

$300.00 (framed)


4. Afternoon Tea - 1920

Oil pastels & mixed media

16 x 20 (20 x 24)

$350.00 (framed)

5. A Nude

Oil pastels & mixed media on paper

11 x 15 (14 x 18)

$200.00 (framed)

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